Your Will in only 3 Easy Steps…

It’s a lot more than just leaving your ‘things’ to your loved ones, a good well written will ensure your loved ones are protected, get exactly what you want them to and reduces the stress following your demise. A well drafted will can also ensure your end of life plans go to plan and everyone is clear on your wishes and beliefs.

visit We will visit you at your home or at your place of work; whichever is most convenient. We will review your current situation & will ascertain your objectives and what you feel is important to you and your loved ones.

prepare We will prepare & send your will within 14 days of your appointment with our qualified wills advisor. In addition to preparing your wills, we are able to offer an executorship service. Whereas you may have family and close friends with the time and expertise to carry out the functions of an executor, many people do not.

pay You don’t pay the balance until you are 100% satisfied with your Will or Trust. All of our Wills & trusts are completed on a fixed cost basis & we do not charge by the hour unlike our competitors. Please ask us for more details. *excludes voucher or discounted offers.

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